29 January 2011

Andrew And Bettina Hoy Join the Frey for US Chef d'Equipe

Although as of yet this is unconfirmed, it is reported that eventing power couple Andrew and Bettina Hoy have decided to add their names to the growing list of candidates for the postition of USEA Eventing Chef d'Equipe.  The Hoys join Jimmy Wofford, David O'Connor, and the combo candidates of Dutello (Phillip Dutton and Bobby Costello) in quest for the top Eventing job in the US. The Hoy's bring a uniquely continental flavor to the competition and a wealth of experience.  Both are internationally successful riders and trainers with plenty of high performance miles between them. While this field is chock full of success, experience, and drive, it remains to be seen who will end on top at the end of the day. It's beginning to be a very tough call to make.

Eventing Day, like the rest of the eventing world, awaits an official statement from the Hoys.  We will keep you posted ~ed 

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