29 January 2011

For Organizers - Eventing Day Now Offers The Organizer's Corner

Janie Atkinson and Mort ©Nan Rawlins/Equimage
The Organizer's Corner page is now posted and ready to hear from you horse trials organizers.  This page is dedicated to one of the greatest hard-working, long-suffering organizers of them all, my dear friend Janie Atkinson. Although Janie is now retired from RK3DE, she's still very active in the sport, helping all her friends put it together year after year for this sport we all love.  Janie gave me my start in this business.  She was the first person to write me a check -- a check for a XC photo of Denny Emmerson, shot during the 1991 RK3DE.  For that kindness, I will be forever grateful.  So in Janie's honor, for every hard-working (usually overworked) , under-paid horse trials organizer from anywhere in the world, I offer you this soapbox. You may call for volunteers, ask for donations, make your voice heard, if you so desire.  It's all yours... Send your info, plea, rant, request (or whatever) to nan(at)eventingday(dot)com.

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