25 January 2011

Peter Adkins and Henny's XC Video is Back!

Note camera on Peter Atkins' helmet... (© 2010, Nan Rawlins/Equimage®)

(We love this video.  It was posted previously on Wegcentral.com. We had to move it over to Eventing Day just because we enjoy watching it so much.  We're also posting it in celebration of Henny's successful recovery from colic surgery.  Now that Henny is back home with the Adkins family, we hope to see him back on the cross-country course in the fall of 2011 with Peter in the saddle, camera switched on! ~ ed)

 If you've ever wondered what it was like to ride a CCI4* Cross-Country Course, now you can experience the ride.  Peter Adkins, on his horse Henny, galloped the 2010 Alltech® FEI WEG  Eventing Cross-Country course wearing a helmet cam.  The camera has a built in gyro which makes the video images incredibly stable.  So climb into the saddle and experience 4-star cross-country for yourself:

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