03 February 2011

Jack and Jill-- The Ongoing Story of Two of The 52 OhioThorougbreds Desperately Seeking Homes

Jackie  Smith of Stonegate Farm has graciously allowed Eventing Day to post the Story of Jack and Jill. These two horses are one of 52 thoroughbreds desperately seeking new homes before they go to auction on Saturday.  We wrote an earlier Eventing Day Alert on Monday. It's good to hear that so many people are concerned with these animals and their welfare, not to mention their continued longevity.  

With Jackie's permission we will continue to re-post the ongoing story. If you happen to be one of the kind people who adopts any other of these desperate horses, drop us a line and send us your story and photos. We'll put them right up. And to Jackie and anyone else who can and does help these horses -- thank you for your kindness, generosity,  and gentle spirit. You will be remembered in heaven. ~ed

Our lives will be changed forever...

Let me start by saying that my name is NOT Jill and my brother (well half brother, we have the same daddy) is NOT Jack!! But I guess it's better than 'pink on left the shoulder filly' out of Ask for the Stars and 'pink on right shoulder' colt out of Super Legionaire. The other 3 year olds in my pasture got different colors painted on their shoulders and hips the other day and some of us were a  bit confused and concerned.

From what I hear, Doc (Daniel Stearns, DVM), who owns the 360 acre Harmony Hill Farm in the rolling hills of Barnesville, OH that we call home, passed away last week and we all need to find a home FAST.  We heard talk about sending us to Sugar Creek by the end of the week if we didn't find new homes.  I don't know what Sugar Creek is, but from the distress in the people's voices as they sprayed paint on our body parts  (I learned that it was for identification purposes) it doesn't sound like a nice place.  We were really lucky that Lynn made a post on the internet (whatever that is) telling people that 52 horses need new homes ASAP.  Fifty two, I had no idea there were so many of us; there are only 7 in my pasture.

Anyway Bob and Lynn's phones have been ringing for days!! So many concerned people! One of the first callers came to see us on Mon. I heard her talking about how Doc use to be her vet a LONG time ago and that she had bought a couple of horses from him and even bred one of her mares to one of his stallions.  She said that she knew Doc bred quality horses and that one of them even did Rolex.  I don't know what that is, but it sounded like a big deal.  Well if I must say so myself, I agree!  We're pretty darn nice horses and lucky ones too; we never got sent to the track and for horses who were bred to be race horses it's unheard of to have TB's (that's short for Thoroughbreds) hanging out in the pasture for nearly 3 years!! 

Jackie and Kyle (those are the two people who came to look at us on Mon) were walking around with a clipboard and looking for paint on shoulders and hips and asking a lot of questions.  We were happy to see them and showed them how friendly we all are.  I guess all that nibbling and pestering made it difficult for them to figure out who was who.

After awhile Kyle brought his mom over to look me and said I like this one:  she has nice conformation and good balanced feet evenly worn with good heel.  The feet seemed to be a big deal to them and I hadn't even had a pedicure in awhile.  But then he said that he had been watching me and he liked my 'attitude'.  I think I like that boy.  So they talked and looked some more and told Bob that only had one open stall but that they really thought it would be a good idea to take two horses so the transition would be easier.  Not sure what than means either, but it sounded good to me. After looking around a bit more they decided on 'pink on right shoulder' colt out of Super Legionaire or Jack as they later decided to call him.  They said something about a whorl right between the eyes is a 'good thing'!  I don't know about these people concerning themselves with feet and hair?

As they took one final look at the groups of us saying they wished they could take us all I must say I felt rather proud that I was the one they picked!!  They said something about not being able to pick us up until later in the week because a bad storm was coming. 

Over the next couple of days more people came looking and Jack ( I can call him that, but don't call me Jill) and I were happy to hear Bob tell them that we were already spoken for.  But it was sorta sad to see our friends leave in the different trailers that came. Don't tell Jack, but I'm glad we're going together.  Bob loaded the few of us who hadn't gotten picked up yet and moved us down to the main barn to wait for Jackie and Kyle to come pick us up.  It was kind of scary but Bob reported that it went well.

So tomorrow is the big day.  I'm a little nervous and like most guys, Jack isn't saying much.  I'll make another post once we get settled in at Stone Gate Farm.

Ohio Rocket - my official name!!

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