05 February 2011

Know a Good Blog?

The  Blog of the Week for this week  is Ben Hobday's Blog to Burghley in H&H

Do you know a great Eventing or equine blog?  Is there one you subscribe to that you just love to read --  waiting with great anticipation for the next post?  We love good writing, especially if it's an entertaining story and talks equine.  It could be a training or clinic-related  post, a competition post, or a stall-mucking barn story --  especially if its a fun post.

If you know a great blogger or blog post, send us the link and we'll put the link in our Blog of the Week button on the sidebar --  for a week.

So, if you just love the way so and so writes or would like to have folks visit your blog a little more often, send the URL along to Eventing Day nan(at)eventingday(dot)com.

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