08 February 2011

Stallion Auction Benefits Family Following Barn Fire

(Clearly this is not Eventing related but this family has experienced a tragedy -- one which all of us hope to never experience. It is an equine community story that needs telling.  The Forby family  lost their entire operation, including their horses.  If you need a cutting horse mare bred or a website designed for stallion promotion, this may be the place to look. Other auction items are being donated all the time.  If you would like to make make a purchase or a donation of  some goods or services, or money, please consider the Forby Family Benefit this weekend ~ ed)

The Jason Forby family, Photo courtesy of Forby Family Benefit

Entire Family Cutting Horse Operation Perishes in Barn Fire, Benefit Auction Organized to Raise Funds

Press Release
Tragedy struck the Jason Forby family from Goreville, Illinois in the wee hours of Monday morning January 31, 2011.  The Forby’s lost their entire cutting horse operation to a devastating barn fire. 

Horses, tack, and Jason’s livelihood perished in the fire. Jason, an ordained minister, his wife, Sarah and their two daughters, ages 5 and 11, have their faith, love and hope and are now starting the rebuilding process.

We as fellow horse owners, friends, family and business people can only imagine all that they are dealing with now and will deal with in the near future as they start the process to rebuild.  Many area cutting horse associations have brainstormed and have come up with ideas to assist them in this very difficult time.

The first will be a Benefit Auction to be held at the Murfreesboro Tennessee Show and Professional Auction held February 11-12, 2011 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  We would love to have any donations you would care to offer. For all donations please contact DEVLYN DRAKE at (217) 737-7754, or givancuttinghorses@gmail.com  Monetary donations and checks can be made payable to and sent to:
FORBY FAMILY BENEFIT ACCOUNT, Southerntrust Bank, ATTN: Heather  P.O. BOX 9, Goreville, Illinois  62939 (618) 995-9999.

Any help, suggestions and donations will be appreciated from other clubs, organizations and individuals as we try to come up with ways to help this family.  Thank you and God Bless you all.

Additional contact information:
Elaine Jackson (618) 499-0606 j6cuttrs@midwest.net
Vanessa Shaw (618 204-1681 vshaw1972@yahoo.com
Devlyn Drake (217) 737-7754 givancuttinghorses@gmail.com
Al or Judy Love ((812) 525-0210 jlove@schlechtycenter.org
Sherra Kapfhammer (502) 550-4858 skapfhamme@hughes.net

The Silent Auction for the FORBY FAMILY will be held at the Miller Coliseum in Murfreesboro Tennessee in conjunction with the PAS Cutting Series “Winter 1 & 2,”starting at noon on Friday February 11, and ending at 6:00 p.m. Saturday February 12.

100% of the proceeds from this auction will go into the Forby Family Benefit Fund.  Please visit the website www.forbybenefit.weebly.com starting Sunday, February 6 to Saturday, February 12.
Silent auction items may be seen in Murfreesboro or by visiting the website. Bids will be taken at the silent auction and by contacting one of the wonderful ladies listed below. If making a phone-in bid, please contact and continue to contact the same person/number that you start with. As a service to callers, we will phone back the last bidder when the bid is increased.

Al or Judy Love       @ (812) 525-0197
Vanessa Shaw          @ (618) 204-1681
Elaine Jackson         @ (618) 499-0606
Vicki Hoover           @ (502) 682-4072
Sherra Kapfhammer @ (502) 550-4858

JOIN IN, BID OFTEN and HELP, as the Forby family begins to rebuild their lives.  Please continue to pray with us for them, and thanks to all that have donated items, time and talent to make this benefit silent auction become a reality.

Below is also a list of confirmed stallion breedings and businesses that have donated thus far.
Stallion Donations:
Spots Hot
Its Just About Me
Zack T Wood
(2) One Smart Cat
(2) Dualin Boon
(2) Cat Man Do
(2) Snorty Lena
(2) Red Pepto
(2) Cattin It Up
Meradas Blue Sue
Pepto Taz
Hickorys Indian Pep
Nitas Wood
Palo Duro Cat
Oh Cay Quixote
Downtown Cat
High Rollin Cat
Smart Chinalena
Pepto Doc Quixote
(total of 25 breedings as of now)
Business Donations:
Sean Ryons
Cow Horse Supply
Roo Hide
Jeff Smith Cowboy Collection
Sombrero Brands
The Cowboy Store
R&J Feed
A+ Feed
ABC Halters
Big “D” Products

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