27 February 2011

Sunday Lay-Up and THE BIG PICTURE

Carl Boukaert (BEL) and Rampant Lion - Nan Rawlins/Equimage Photo
We may add a few thing here and there throughout the day so check back from time to time ~ ed

First, there are some great Pine Top photos by USEA's Leslie Mintz on line at the USEA Blog including photos of division winners Leslie Law, who scored the lowest dressage score of the weekend with a 25.4 on Rehy Lux, Boyd Martin and Last Monarch with a 36.8, Clark Montgomery  and Loughan Glen 35.0, and Jennifer Brannigan and the mighty conqueror of the West Coast Cambalda with 35.6. For complete results click here.

Day two results are in from the Harley-Davidson Horse Trials in Portugal.  The CIC** division has a Harley Sportster in the prize pot.  There will be a fun ride home for someone at the end of the weekend.

The USEA Member Story No. 3 is up on the blog.  AA Carena Vollmer is featured. Adult Amateurs are, in my opinion, the life blood of the sport.  It's great to hear their stories of the love for the equine and journey in the sport.  

The Chronicle welcome reports welcome news for eventers who attended a Hunter/Jumper only school. U Cal Davis has created The West Coast Collegiate Eventing League which allows eventer students to compete as a team and represent their university while riding at a U.S. Eventing Association-recognized event. May it grow and grow!

As a photographer who still gets a thrill while looking at a horse through the lens, the next bit of news is a real treat to deliver.  The Kentucky Horse Park has announced that the International Museum of the Horse  will hang The Equine Images of Robert Vavra, considered by many to be the world's premier equine photographer, from Mar 19 thru May 30.  The exhibition is being presented courtesy of the International Institute of Photographic Arts. Varva has photographed the horse for more some 60 years.  If you're planning to attend the Rolex Kentucky CCI****  3-Day Event, taking a moment to view the Varva collection  is a moment worth taking.

Park City Utah may be the next home of a dedicated horse park.  The Park City Equine Partnership has been formed to raise funds for the procurement of land in order to preserve open areas for trails and public use.

Corbette Saddlery has been acquired by Stubben North America. Stubben plans to integrate the Corbette line while keeping the Corbette name. Does this many of us finally own Stubbens?

If you enjoy the charming Budweiser Super Bowl commercials, Horses In The Morning offers an interview with the trainer of the Budweiser Clydesdales

And another great program from Eventing Radio -- this time with German Team Coach Chris Bartle, Belgian Team Coach Eric Smiley -- who join Kerry Millikin and Chris Stafford to talk coaching. 

There's a new Badminton Blog entry from Ben Hobday about his journey to Badminton 2011.

And finally, talking of Badminton, here's a video of New Zealand's Mark Todd's as he discusses his journey to Easter weekend 2011.

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