03 February 2011

Today's Eventing Day Around The World

Course Designer Mike Etherington-Smith will be in NZ on Saturday for a free Seminar (©Nan Rawlins/Equimage)

From Australia:
New Eventing Classes at the Royal Easter Horse Show are announced.
Equestrian Australia is asking all members to complete a National Education Conference survey by the
      end of February.
The Queensland Floods - A Horseman's Perspective offers a glimpse of the flooding devistation  and it's impact on horseman 

From Germany: 
Important foal care news:  New Rhodo Virus vaccine to be tested in Germany - via The Horse 

From New Zealand:  
New Zealand has announced their 2011 Young Rider's Squads. 
Alltech® New Zealand & Equestrian Sport New Zealand Eventing are sponsoring a free talk by
       renowned course designer Mike Etherington Smith on Saturday, February 12. 
 There's a change of venue for this weekend's  New Zealand Horse and Pony sponsored clinic with
      Lucinda Green.

From The UK: 
The FEI's latest report is available concerning the Respiratory and Infectious Disease Outbreaks
      in Europe and North America.
Retraining of Racehorses, Britain's charity for retired thoroughbreds, has announced their Retraining
      of Racehorses - 2011 series of sponsored horse trials classes.

From the USA:
The USEA would like everyone to update their membership contact information(Use this link to log
       in as the one on the USEA article is currently broken)This will facilitate timely receipt of all
       USEA membership documents and publications - like Eventing Magazine. 
 The Use and Abuse of Medications at Horse Shows is discussed in The Horse

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