20 March 2011

Our Blog of the Week: Gift Horse Eventing

Chloe and Soap (aka PLAYING DIRTY)...
As racehorse re-homing and re-purposing is a bit of a cause celeb at Eventing Day, and because the retraining of off-the-track Thoroughbreds is so important to the sport, we thought we'd feature a few blogs written by folks who are just as devoted to the cause of re-purposing ex-racehorses as are we.

Chloe Ammonds-Nutt is, what we like to call around here, a racehorse re-treader.  An amateur eventer from the UK with a penchant for one-day events,  Chloe's been blogging at Gift Horse Eventing for about three years and has, by her own admission "developed a bit of a habit for re-schooling ex-racers."  And, it doesn't hurt that she lives in close proximity to several racing yards so she has a ready supply of potential candidates.

For amateur riders out there that dream of sponsorship, take note.  Chloe has been very successful at branding herself and garnering sponsorship.  Her green and white chevrons and checker are a personal trademark.  Perhaps her blog will reveal a few clues into how she goes about attracting devotion, not only from her readers but from those who are ready and willing to sponsor her eventing.

Also a pretty savvy social media user - Chloe recently came in a very respectable second in her category of the Equestrian Social Media Awards, also affectionately known by those of us who frequent the social media world as the ESMA's.

If you enjoy Chloe's take on Eventing and her horses, you can read more. She's currently spending a year as a guest writer for Aspire Equestrian. There, you will find more about Chloe and her horses, along with some other lovely images. 

Chloe and Dustry...

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