08 March 2011

William Fox-Pitt wants to see the end of the CIC competitions...

William Fox Pitt recently had an candid discussion about his feelings towards the CIC competition and it's value to the sport...

William Fox-Pitt: 'I'd like to see CIC competitions binned'

8 March, 2011
British event rider and former H&H columnist William Fox-Pitt is opposed to the dramatic rise in international one-day competitions (CICs) in eventing in Britain, as he told H&H in our exclusive interview in 3 March issue.

"Why do we have to do CICs in this country rather than one-days? What is the real difference? Absolutely nothing," says William. "Apart from the fact your entry costs you a lot more, you have to be there for more days and you have to do lots of trot-ups. That isn't about producing horses correctly, nor safety.

"I'd like to see CICs binned; their only purpose is to create a level standard across the different eventing countries, which the FEI is never going to achieve. The FEI could perfectly well make a rule that, if you compete in Britain, your advanced result will count, but that in Brazil, for example, it has to be a three-star CIC. I don't see why a nation can't be graded as to what it provides."  Read On >>

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