24 April 2011

Revised: Badminton XC Day Two Leaderboard!

Breaking News:  Mark Todd (NZL) and NZB Landvision have been placed First above  Marina Kohncke (GER) following a review of Kohncke's time.  Top twelve finishers are separated by one rail!

Great end of day interviews still broadcasting on Badminton Radio...

What a day! What an exciting finish to Cross-Country Day at Badminton!  Following a breakfast of beans and toast, in honor of Great Britain, I tweeted and re-tweeted for four hours!

All within a rail of each other, these amazing finalists will make Sunday just as exciting.  But as for today's competition, there were some surprises, some disappointments, and plenty of excitement.

Can't say enough about these amazing competitors: First timer Laura Collett who led after day one dressage;Ruth Edge who must be the most disappointed lady in waiting in the world; Marina Kohncke (GER) who could be Germany's first ever Badminton winner and is so thrilled to just have been there and finished; New leader Mark Todd who has a great shot of winning 31 years after his first win (we love MT around here); Mary King, who is always a joy to watch; Andrew Nicholson who may finally bring the Badminton trophy home; Piggy French who rode a beautiful XC round; Sam Griffiths AUS  who moved up from 21st to eighth; Nicola Wilson who is a stadium specialist and was picture perfect on the amazing Opposition Buzz  -- the horse every Eventer secretly (or openly) covets! There were so many great rides, so many great stories!

Fabulous twitter coverage by @horseandcountry, @horseandound, @samanthaclark, @bht2011Press_office,  @franjurga, @bht2011, @eventingday (us) and so may others on the #bht2011 hashtag.  Thanks to all of you who, along with the wonderful folks at Badminton Radio and Lloyd Bell productions, kept those of us who were unable to be in the UK enjoying the day regardless.  Check all of them out tomorrow for the final!

Here's the top 20 leaderboard:

For complete results visit BHT's website.

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