23 April 2011

Badminton: Having Trouble with Badminton Radio? On a MAC? Here's Help!!

If you're having trouble with Badder's radio here's help!  If you're using a MAC (PC/PAD) I've discovered you can't use it with Firefox -- at least I've had NO LUCK. I've also discovered YOU MUST use Safari (and I've recently been informed that it works well with Google Chrome - thanks Monty! And, an anonymous reader reports that it works great in itunes - see comments below.)!  So open your Safari, Chrome, or itunes  (I usually use Firefox which was my problem) and copy/paste where appropriate or click on this link:  http://icy-e-02.sharp-stream.com/badminton.mp3

You should be good to go!


  1. It will also work quite happily in Google Chrome for Mac.

  2. Works great in iTunes. Paste url in Advanced:Open Audio Stream.

    Didn't work in Safari or Firefox for me (latest versions)...

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  4. All I can say is that Firefox seems to be a definite culprit and Badders radio is tricky business for Mac users. Hope some of our solutions help you get connected!


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