26 April 2011

Rolex: Course Walk: Eric Dierks -- Draper Equine Therapy Sponsors Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event Plus A Course Walk with Eventer Eric Dierks

Lexington, KY - Draper Equine Therapy, makers of therapeutic horse and rider products featuring the innovative “smart fiber” Celliant®, is proud to announce they are Contributing Sponsors of the world renowned Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event. One of the most prestigious equestrian competitions, and the only CCI**** in the Western Hemisphere, the Rolex annually attracts up to 100,000 spectators and millions more watch the competition on television which will air on NBC.

Kat Wojtylak, Product Manager at Draper Therapies, said Draper is thrilled to be sponsoring Rolex as well as a course walk with Eric Dierks. “In the past we’ve been a vendor, but this year we wanted to do something different that we thought could get us more involved with the competitors and spectators. We wanted to contribute to putting the event on as a whole and supporting the sport of eventing which asks so much of horses," Wojtylak said. "It's a grueling and super exciting sport, which we can learn so much from when making our products. We just hope that by contributing some of our products to the competitors that help horses recover faster, we’ll give them a competitive edge and allow their horses to compete with their best foot forward."

Wojtylak added that Rolex will be even more exciting this year with the addition of the Kentucky Reining Cup, which includes international Reining and the first-ever World Championship Freestyle, occurring simultaneously at the Kentucky Horse Park, April 28-May 1. "Draper is looking forward to being a presence at such a wonderful event. With the four-star event and the reining, we're certain this is the year to make a splash and tell the world all about Draper! We always meet the most interesting people and have a wonderful time watching such a stellar event," she said.

Three of Draper Equine Therapy’s Advisory Board Members are past Rolex competitors; Canadian Olympic event rider Selena O’Hanlon, Eric Dierks and Sara Kozumplik are all pleased that Rolex riders and spectators will have the chance to discover Draper products. "Draper Equine has been unbelievably good to us for nearly three-and-a-half years. We started with a saddle pad to try and see if it helped Colombo's back which is uber-sensitive. It certainly did and he hasn’t been ridden without a Draper pad since that day. The fibers in the saddle pad have minerals in them which help to increase circulation and provide suppleness in the back,” O’Hanlon said. “We now use Draper Coolers, Recovery Wraps and of course Saddle Pads on both Colombo and A First Romance. They make an incredible difference to Colombo's comfort level during and after work. At the Olympics and at the World Equestrian Games we had to wear the team pads, but our Draper pad was always on underneath, we never want to take any risks at such an important time in Colombo's career."

Draper Equine Therapy’s cross-country course walk will take place Friday after the last ride of the day, at the start box. Eric Dierks will be leading the way and talking through strategy on each of the jumps. “It gives spectators, fellow riders and onlookers a better chance at understanding what goes into achieving the best results at this event, and in any eventing career for that matter,” said Dierks.

“This will for sure be a fun time had by all! Seeing those jumps up close can be rather daunting, but it humbles anyone to see what goes into succeeding at this level,” Wojtylak said. “We’ll be giving away 20% discount coupons to anyone who joins in on the walk, and to make the deal even sweeter, we’ll be offering a unique try before you buy option. The Draper course walk will be giving everyone involved a single sock from a pair to wear during the walk. The point of this will be to feel the difference during a physical activity immediately. At the end of the walk, we’ll give them the other sock to keep. Consider it the Draper guarantee that we truly stand behind our products in every way.”

Wojtylak said that Draper will donate a Draper Cooler to the winner of Rolex and all Top Ten finishers will receive a Draper All Purpose Saddle Pad. “Selena and Colombo will be in attendance at Badminton so they'll be missing Rolex this year and Sara will also not be riding at Rolex this year as her horse is recovering from a minor injury. We will really miss watching them go around the course, but are so proud of their presence in the eventing world and all that they have accomplished,” Wojtylak said. “I will be at Rolex the entire time and I can’t wait to introduce eventers and spectators to our fabulous therapeutic products that as you can tell from Selena’s experience with Colombo, really work!”

All Draper products are made with Celliant, a revolutionary technology that harnesses the body’s natural energy through the use of minerals and gemstones. Products containing Celliant have been clinically proven to increase blood flow and blood oxygen levels in the body and help balance body temperature. “Draper products help your horse work harder and recover faster from exertion and injury because Celliant encourages the body's natural processes,” Wojtylak said.

Draper offers three complete lines of Celliant enhanced products: Draper Body Therapy; Draper Equine Therapy; and Draper Canine Therapy. For more information on Draper Equine Therapy, visit their website at www.draperequinetherapy.com or their blog at draperevents.wordpress.com. For more information about the Rolex Three-Day Event, visit www.rk3de.org.

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