16 April 2011

An Eventing Story with a Twist

Thanks to Carrie Hill for sending us this great story from the BBC News. To learn more about Phoebe Buckley, visit her website...  ed

Romany Gypsy rider breaking away from her roots

Phoebe Buckley at an equestrian event  

As a Romany Gypsy, Phoebe is in the minority in the equestrian world...
Professional event rider Phoebe Buckley has ridden against Princess Anne's daughter, Zara Phillips, and hopes to compete in the London 2012 Olympics.

But as a Romany Gypsy moving in what can be a privileged world, it is sometimes hard going, and Phoebe says there can be discrimination.

Her parents were born and brought up in wagons and lived on the side of the road, but when Phoebe was born they decided to settle in Cambridge.

Phoebe started riding horses at the age of four. "Every girl wants a pony so I badgered and badgered. My parents went to Cambridge cattle market and bought a very cheap horse for me and I just got hooked," she says... Read more>>

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