31 May 2011

The Boyd Martin Recovery Fund and Denny Emmerson's Generosity

15% off everything eventing

Denny Emmerson has generously offered to donate 50% of the profits of his book "how good riders get GOOD" to the Boyd Martin Recovery Fund, until December.   After posting the USEA link to the book on twitter, it was brought to my attention by Jo-Anne Honeywell that the books were sold out on the USEA site.  Therefore, I am trotting out our affiliate link to the publisher to make it easier to purchase Denny's book directly from them. We will make a cash donation to the Boyd Martin Recovery Fund of all the affiliate fees generated by your purchases through this link throughout the month of June. Won't you join the us in supporting these members of the Eventing community? After all, it's a great read and a great cause.

Click on the box below to go directly to the appropriate page on the publisher's site. ~ ed

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