19 May 2011

Worried that your horse is a bit of a fatty?

Is your pony a bit of a tubby?  Are you worried your hard-working equine is on the too slim side? If so, there's a new online equine weight calculator available on the EquiMed website.   

EquiMed, of Morgan Hill, Calif– is a corporation that operates the http://equimed.com website.  EquiMed offers equine health care information, including health topic specific articles, reference articles on diseases and conditions, drugs and medications, health services, forums, blogs, events and news. 

EquiMed engineers have implemented a number of equine weight estimation calculators for visitors of the EquiMed website. The calculators convert simple measurements of horses, donkeys and foals into accurate weight estimates. The calculators are based on scientific models from equine researchers around the world.

Visit the EquiMed weight calculators page at Equine Weight Calculator

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