24 June 2011

Does Your Horse Have Funky Feet? Natural Hoof Seminar in Wisconsin

My old eventer Ping has always has lousy Thoroughbred feet.  Soft, thin soles and little or no hoof wall -- that's the story of Ping.  I have supplemented, painted, lamented, epoxy-ed, booted,  and worried over this horses feet for years.  I have written stories about his feet and lost many a nights sleep.  The Natural Hoof was always so tempting but I could never stand how uncomfortable Ping was when we pulled his shoes. I inevitably back-slid to replacing his shoes - and was rewarded with a big grateful ground-covering trot from the old redhead.  Now that Ping is retired, his shoes are glued on.  More expensive, but definitely more comfortable for him and a lot less worry and fewer sleepless nights for the humans in his life.

If you've always wondered if the natural hoof could work for your horse, perhaps this two-day Natural Hoof and Horse Care Clinic is for you.  Read on and may the equine hoof gods be with you.  They never were with me, but you just might have better luck - ed

June 24, 2011

Equine Sciences Academy Field Instructor Chad Bembenek to give two day Natural Hoof and Horse Care clinic for the public.

Chad Bembenek will be giving a Natural Hoof and Horse Care clinic July 30 and 31 at High Cliff Quarter Horses located in Menasha, WI.

Chad has over 10 years of Natural hoof care experience. He is a Founding member of the American Hoof Association and a Field Instructor for the Equine Sciences Academy.

You will experience two information packed days concerning the horses hooves and how the hoof is affected by every aspect of human interaction.

Learn about hoof anatomy and how the hoof functions to support the horse and dissipate impact energy. Get answers to the questions you have about:  Laminitis (founder), Navicular disease, Club foot, Frog Infections, Long toes, Low heels, Thin soles,
How to transition to barefoot, How to use boots and many other scenarios.

You may have the option to bring your horse for evaluation on Sunday afternoon for the live horse demo. Limit of 4 horses total on Sunday to be evaluated.   * additional fees involved *

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