03 June 2011

Mark Todd's Saumur Helmet Cam!

Mark Todd?  Helmet Cam?  Okay, this is another really fun helmet cam video.  From Saumur.  Produced by Mitavite, a sponsor of the rider, this helmet cam is perched on the head of the legendary Mark Todd.  This particular footage is from his 2011 CIC2* XC round on HEZABROOK. 

The thing that strikes me about this video is that, unlike many other helmet-cam videos I've seen and while it's tough to tell with the well-produced video's music track playing in the background, I don't think Mark says a single word until the very end in the vet box.  I could be wrong.  But the feeling I get from this is pure concentration.  That's all... just pure concentration! He makes it look so darn easy...

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