02 February 2012

New Post from Tori Trafford!

The UK's Tori Trafford has just sent us news from across the pond.  We love hearing from Tori.  She has two new horses, an interesting diagnosis for some problems she's been having with another,  headcams, and lots of plans for the 2012 competition season. Thanks Tori! ~ Nan

Eventing Day Blog – January

Happy New Year all Eventing fans!

Finally glad to have the New Year upon us, which means the Eventing season is soon to get underway and I’m itching to start.

A few things have happened since last time.  That’s The Way has been sold to Devon she is off to be the Hunts Masters horse and from the emails I’ve been receiving she is now a well-seasoned hunter and thoroughly loving her job.

I’ve been a very spoilt girl in the last few months in the form of two new horses a lovely six year old by Power Blade called Birthday Blade or BB for short and a four year old who I’ve just backed called Pioneering Triumph or Spindle to her friends. It’s all been go here in the Trafford Eventing Team home from lots of lessons to dressage and showjumping, just ticking over till the season kicks off again.

Tina has been trialing a product Winningedge Gold from a company called Equifeast. At the end of the season Tina was a little erratic on the cross country course and it caused us to get pulled up by the BE Steward. Pulling my hair out I couldn’t understand why she was being like this when I read an article in a magazine about horses that had ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and it explained Tina to a ‘T’:  hard pulling, loss of concentration, not listening to my aids. So I spoke to a man called Malcolm Green and agreed to trial Tina on the product and also take blood samples to see how this affects her.
The results have been phenomenal! Tina is a completely changed horse with the extra training I’m able to reinforce my aids and she’s been so easy to deal with. Even to a point we have been doing exceedingly well showjumping as this was her weakest phase we went out and won. It’s all to do with calcium and if we feed to keep the muscles and joints going why not feed the brain and teach it how to cope with the extra adrenaline as we feel this is what Tina was running off.  For more info please visit their website www.equifeast.com they are going to update the site in the next few months but they are brilliant to chat too and very helpful – great customer service.

I’ve also been lucky to team up with another great company called Hedcamz www.hedcamz.com I will now have an extremely light weight camera for my cross country rounds all in HD too! It’s such a privilege to team up with such a wonderful company so watch this space for lots of videos!

A friend of mine and a brilliant photographer came up from Essex to do a special shoot for the horses and of course Tina was pictured the most, but she is a complete poser. The one below is my absolute favourite and Dan is a very talented photographer! http://fozphotography.500px.com/

Great Future has been having a small holiday after I weaned Rosie off her. I’ve officially named Rosie Parthia High (my great granddad had a derby winner called Parthia so I’m going to use this as my breeding prefix and her sire is called Rainbow High). She will come back into work mid-February where she will start her fittening work and getting ready to start Eventing in the middle of the season.

I was also interviewed for the Eventing Radio show with Chris Stafford, which I thoroughly enjoyed to listen to my show please click the link http://eventingradio.horseradionetwork.com/2012/01/19/eventing-radio-episode-177-by-bit-of-britain-focus-on-amateurs/

So overall we have been busy even though the Eventing season has been off but I’m getting very excited I have entered Tina for her first BE event of the season at Oasby on the 9th March so counting down the days.

Until next time!

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