31 January 2011

The Eventing Day Starting Box Site Is Up And Running

When I first started thinking about this site, the one thing I wanted was a place for competitors, fans, and organizers to interact.  I wanted there to be a place for the voices of the sport to be heard.  At first I thought a page on the original website would suffice. But I soon realized that the greatest limitation of the platform on which this site is built is the lack of commenting ability on any site page other than the home page, which belongs to me. But, I think it's important for there to be dialog in these things.  That's the point of all this -- communication. 

Therefore, in order to facilitate all this (hopefully) written interaction, I have built what could be called an Eventing Day sister site.  It's called The Eventing Day Start Box and the address is http://edstartbox.blogspot.com.  In order to make it easier to find this site, I've posted a link box in the right sidebar of the Eventing Day Home Page which live lists all new posts in The Starting Box.
I've also posted a stand alone link at the very top of the right sidebar.

So there it is. The ED sister site will have all those commenting bells and whistles and be linked back and forth to this site.

If you want to post text, photos, etc., send it along to nan(at)eventingday(dot)com. Just make sure you add your name -- no anonymous posting will be allowed.

As always, if you have any ideas for making this better, let me know. I've already had some great suggestions. Thanks for those ~ Nan

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