26 February 2011

About the Chef d'equipe Survey

The survey was a tough call.  I hate putting this kind of information out there, especially in such a very unscientific poll.  Salting could have occurred - you never know.  I think this is an extraordinarily talented and qualified group candidates.  I don't know for whom I would have voted  -  had I voted.  That said, I just wanted to say that personally I would be happy with any one of this group. But I don't really have voice in this, just an opinion based on limited observation.  All have given so much to Eventing; to our enjoyment and knowledge of the sport. They have shared their wealth of experience and made Eventing better in in so many ways.  All have been a pleasure to watch as they competed and rode to the top of the game, and offered their knowledge to the world. They have my sincere gratitude.  We are lucky to have every one... It's a very tough call.

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