26 February 2011

Results of Eventing Day's Chef d'Equipe Survey - Finally

First - a big THANK YOU to all who took the time to vote!!

Drum roll please... After a few technical difficulties -- like a survey whose results didn't want to migrate very quickly --  we are ready to announce the results of what has to be a very unscientifically conducted survey with what is most likely an enormous margin of error.  We're not Gallup, that's for sure.  But the following are the results gathered by we gross amateurs (tally is in percentages of votes cast, not numbers of votes) :

Of the 70 odd votes cast,  the royal blue section of the pie says it all.  Jimmy Wofford is the clear winner. Once again, the tally is in percentages of votes cast, not numbers of votes.  The eventers and enthusiasts have spoken. But, from what I can gather, these results follow the trend of other polls out there.  Dutello (Dutton/Costello) came in 2nd while David O'Connor and Andrew Hoy tied for 3rd.

Our poll asked the following "Why have you chosen your favorite candidate(s)?"  While only about 15 percent of those voting chose to answer this question,  regarding Jimmy voters stated the following:

"Experience, ability to call it like he sees it, lack of bending to political BS."
"He is a master communicator & horseman who has the time to dedicate to the job."
"His immense knowledge and experience base. His professionalism. His humor, intelligence and common sense. His dedication to the sport and most especially his devotion to the horse's welfare and dignity.
"... He cares about horses and riders and he is very smart. He would make a wonderful Chef d' Equipe"

So there you have it.  We have heard several names of the additional unannounced candidates but won't divulge them.  Over the years, we've here at Equimage® have earned  the reputation of being tight-lipped about confidences and will steadfastly continue to follow the code of the tight lipped.  Besides,  we don't feel outing anyone is ethical.  If the additional unannounced candidates wanted their names released, they would do so. However,  it will be interesting to see how this whole thing shakes out...

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