26 February 2011

Horseman's Disaster Preparedness Information

Another one of Dennis Porter's great illustrations
I once wrote a humorous article called The Barn Dance  that talked of a boarding barn that sat on the very edge of a floodplain.  When the waters rose every spring, like clockwork, the barn would have river water lapping literally at it's base - it's pastures turned into lakes.  Floods that are predictable can be coped with because you know they're coming every spring, year in year out. But for those who are coping with the unpredictable natural disaster -- like this summer's relentless flooding in the Southern Hemisphere  -- rapidly rising water is no laughing matter. 

Kentucky Equine Research (KER) has recently published an article on disaster preparation.  In light of what's going on in and around Christchurch New Zealand these days, perhaps we should all take a moment to consider our own area's natural disaster history and prepare accordingly.  We may sometimes forget that natural disasters like tornados, and flooding, not to mention earthquakes, don't just effect our two-legged family members.

The KER article offers great suggestions and some real ah ha tips and advise that may not rise to the surface mentally when the water is rising in your barn. To read KER's suggestions for preparing for some of life's most trying situations please read on...

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