15 February 2011

The Adventures of Jack & Jill: What Happens in the Pasture Stays in the Pasture...So I Thought

The latest from Jill - and a little Jack...

Monday, February 14, 2011

Last night was the first night that Jack & I had company ALL night.  I heard something that they didn't want Jack and me getting too attached and that it would be best to put  Kat & Margee out with us.  Anyway there was a little commotion last night but by morning everything was good and no one needed to know about the little problem, after all, 'what happens in the pasture, stays in the pasture'.  Well if there is anything that I have learned in the last week, that isn't necessarily true especially if you leave evidence.  But last night was different...no bent & twisted gate, no ribbon fence broken, no ribbon gates open, no hoof prints or horse poops where they didn't belong so how did they know?  It seems Margee was missing some hair above her hocks & they say my DNA was on it.  What the heck???   Hey is was self defense,  Margee started it.  And what's the saying ' all's well that ends well' or something like that?

Margee is the boss and I made it clear that she doesn't have to keep reminding us of that.  I think we all understand each other now.  It was kind of nice having the extra company and Jack  particularly liked having the girls around although he still likes me best.  And Kat... well she still likes the  hay best and she was thrilled not to have the big boys hogging the round bale.

I got a really nice grooming from Kyle today and he found the SWEET SPOT, right around my belly button.  It felt sooooooo good that I wanted to scratch Kyle back in appreciation.  He didn't appreciate my enthusiastic mutual grooming (I guess I was a little rough) so I had to show other ways to show my appreciation.   Did some more of the regular leading and picking up my feet which included my back feet too.  I got a lot of good girls today and did not have to be reminded of any rules :)
Feels SO good!

I had a nice nap this afternoon and so did the other girls.  They aren't accustomed to being out at night this time of year so they were pretty tired when they came in this morning.  It was pretty funny.  I think it will be a much quieter night tonight. 


We had company last night and after Margee & Jill got got things straightened out it was actually nice having them out with us.  I still mostly hang out with Jill but having a couple of more horses around reminds me a little bit of my old home.  I wonder how my old friends are doing?

It was a good day starting with a good roll in s freshly bedded stall and ending with lots of  pats and good boys today!  I've gotten really good about putting my halter on.  I've gotten to the point where Jackie holds the halter and I stick my nose through the opening, that way I don't have to worry about hurting my nose. I walked right into the wash rack today and I even got cross tied ( that sounds worse than it really is) for my grooming.  Since Jill liked her belly button scratched so much Jackie tried scratching mine too.  It was pretty sweet but I showed more restraint than Jill did ;)

I'm looking forward to a nice sunny day tomorrow.


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