13 February 2011

Are Fuel Prices Dictating Your Competition Schedule?

Horse and Hound posted an article today which prompted serious thought about the high cost of fuel and it's impact on Eventing and other equestrian sports.

As fuel prices head for what may be summertime records later this year, we are all feeling the pain. For competitors, the act of transporting a horse back and forth to the showgrounds is the major fuel-guzzler.  And,  for organizers things like mowing galloping lanes, and mowing, or dragging,  dressage and stadium arenas, has got to  be making deep inroads into their fuel budget for any given show season and will surely drive up eventing and other show related fees.

Will you curtail or at the very least, plan your show season carefully, based on proximity? Or do you plan to compete come hell or high fuel costs?

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