10 February 2011

Wow, PRO Junior Young Rider Training Level Scholarship Announced

Ever dream of working with a PRO Rider?  Does the idea  of  one week's training at the facilities of Marcia Kulak and Jan Byyny or Hawley Bennett-Awad and Amy Tryon capture your interest?  Well here's a chance for some lucky Junior riders to do just that.  

PRO is announcing their Training Level Scholarship. Information about the selection criteria and application process is attached below.  PRO Junior Young Rider Training Level Scholarships afford the recipient one week of board for both horse and rider. You must provide your own transportation for yourself and your horse. But consider the wealth of knowledge and experience that will be available to the lucky winners!  Read on... 

Vero Beach, FL - February 10, 2011: The PRO Junior Young Rider Training Level Scholarship focuses on the education and mentorship of juniors and young riders participating in competitions at the training level. The objective is to offer deserving riders the opportunity to train with a PRO professional based on their merit within these scholarship guidelines. The program will take place at designated events associated with PRO on both the east and west coasts.

The purpose of the PRO Junior Young Rider Training Level Scholarship will be to spot upcoming talent, based on set criteria and provide an opportunity to train in a PRO rider's high performance program, with minimal financial burden, for one week. The goal of the program is to encourage training level junior and young riders to strive to become more competent earlier in their careers, by offering them an attainable and very attractive goal. Ultimately, PRO would like it to help feed talent into the broader picture of future USET riders.

Eligibility Criteria: The PRO Junior Young Rider Training Level Scholarship is open to all Junior/Young rider members of PRO. Riders may become members at any time during the year, but must declare via email letter to PRO that they wish to participate in the program. All participating riders must also include in their email a schedule of designated competitions that they intend to compete at, and it is the responsibility of the rider to inform PRO of any schedule changes.

Scholarship Award: One week of training at the facilities of Marcia Kulak, Jan Byyny, Hawley Bennett-Awad and Amy Tryon. The award includes the boarding of both horse and rider at no cost to the scholarship awardees. Riders are responsible for their own transportation to and from each location including horse transportation.  The scholarship week must be arranged well in advance with each PRO professional at a mutually agreed upon time.

The top two point earning riders from the eastern half of the country will each earn a scholarship award with Marcia Kulak and Jan Byyny respectively. The two top point earning riders from the western half of the country will earn a scholarship week with Hawley Bennett-Awad and Amy Tryon respectively.

Judging:  Three PRO professional members, to be designated prior to each competition, will observe participating PRO Junior/Young riders and score the training level divisions.  PRO professional members will send the score sheet to Samantha Lendl, PRO Executive Director, who will tabulate and record scores for each rider and email a copy of the score sheet to each rider.

Point Tabulation:  Points would be tabulated at the conclusion of each designated event and a Junior/Young Rider Leader Board will be updated on the PRO Website.  Ties will be broken in the following manner: Primary: Closest to the optimum time in the cross country phase Secondary: Overall subjective score for cross country

Method of Scoring and Criteria:
5- Exceptional for the level
4- Very good
2-Needs improvement
1-Below training level standard for skill and safety

1)   Basic understanding of connection (on the bit)
2)   Position> effective use of aids
3)   Composure/ ring savvy under pressure
4)   Use of arena, knowledge of test
5)   Turnout

Cross Country:
Warm up
1)   Ability to prepare horse for cross country
2)   Effective position/balance/timing
3)   Level of confidence/maturity/composure
4)   Safety in negotiating the warm up area
On course
1)   Correct use of speed for course conditions and abilities of both horse and rider
2)   Effectiveness and safety of position, balance and timing at the jumps
3)   Maturity/composure/confidence under pressure, particularly if having difficulty
4)   Calm professional demeanor  (no shouting, babbling , excessive punishment or patting of horse)
5)   Care taken once pulled up and finished with course

Show Jumping:
Warm up
1)   Warm up; Safe use of schooling area
2)   Ability to find safe and balance distance
3)   Quality and quantity of warm up jumps (not enough or too many)
On course
1)   Position, balance, timing
2)   Ability to see a stride most of the time
3)   Confidence and composure while executing the course
4)   Mental composure under pressure

Stable management: (evaluated once during event)
1)   Appearance of stable or trailer area:  tidy/workmanlike/organized

Bonus Points:
1)   Dressage test score of 27 or less = 1 additional point
2)   Cross Country clear and inside the time within 5 seconds of optimum = 2 points
3)   Show Jumping clear, no time = 1 point
4)   Finishing on dressage score (over a 27) with above jumping results = 1 point
5)   Overall harmony and partnership between horse and rider = 2 points

Rider Responsibilities at Participating Competitions:
1)   Riders must provide their ride times to the PRO office member via email or phone 24 hours before each competition
2)   Each rider is required to wear a red armband during the competition to ensure that judges can easily see them in the warm up areas

 Designated Competitions:

Southern Pines II
March 25-27
Raeford, NC

Galway Downs
March 31 -April 3
Temecula, CA

Surefire Farm
June 25-26
Purcellville, VA

Twin Rivers
April 21-24
Paso Robles, CA

Millbrook HT
Aug. 4-7
Millbrook, NY

Richland HT
Aug. 24-28
Richland, MI

 For more information on the Professional Riders Organization,
please visit www.professionalriders.org

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