02 February 2011

Change Made To USEA Horse Life Registration

(If you're shopping for a new horse, or selling one, this is important to you.  The USEA has instituted a new ownership transfer policy)

Updated: 2011-01-13
The USEA has instituted a new policy that when transferring ownership of a horse, the new owner must submit a bill of sale within 10 days of the registration change. Transfer of ownership becomes effective the date that the proper forms (with required signature and fees) are received in the USEA office.

The bill of sale can be faxed to the office at (703) 779-0550, mailed to 525 Old Waterford Rd, NW. Leesburg, VA 20176, or emailed to info@useventing.com. Please blackout price or any other private information you don't wish to share.

Changes of ownership using the online services will be marked pending until the proper paperwork is received in the office.

The new USEA Horse Life Registration Form has been updated to reflect this new policy.
The USEA is committed to providing the most accurate records possible, so please keep the USEA office informed of any changes in your horse’s registration status including change of name, ownership, and if the horse is retired or deceased.

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