02 February 2011

Horses on Stilts and Other Wintertime Phenomena - A Survey

These days, I'm a bit obsessed with horses on stilts. You probably know what I mean.  It's bitter cold. There are two feet of snow on the ground. The horses has been in for a couple of days and are going bonkers and you just have to turn them out.  But, we all know that the shod horses are going to build up huge snowballs in their feet - something I like to call horses on stilts.

Personally, I've tried all manner of remedies for this problem -- Crisco, Pam, Vaseline --  with no luck.  The horses always ended up with huge clumpy feet encased in snow and ice regardless of what I try.  Then, the  poor animals teeter precariously on three slick icy snowball stilts, trying to maintain their balance as you try to dig out their feet with a hoof pick. The hoof pick point bends up and you try to stay out of the way just in case the poor horse slips and falls in your direction. It's not a good situation.

I'm sure lots of you have had this problem and discovered a nifty remedy for this. Please share your wintertime wisdom with us all...
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