25 February 2011

ESNZ: Friday New Zealand Earthquake News and Information

The Latest from Equestrian Sport New Zealand:

Christchurch Earthquake Canterbury HT at McLeans Island postponed

  Eventing Canterbury are postponing the ODE that was to be held on Sunday
  27th February at McLeans Island. The St Johns Ambulance service are not
  able to guarantee attendance, and they are not able to guarantee that we
  would have access to hospital services should they be necessary. Also many
  of our riders are volunteering in some way to assist in the emergency.
  Riders are using their trucks to cart water to parts of the city that are
  without and many are volunteering to assist at shelters and in the rescue
  and recovery teams.

  An alternative date to run the event is being looked into, and will be

  As a result of the circumstances of this postponement ESNZ will be
  approaching the FEI requesting special dispensation for those riders where
  this event was a critical qualification for FEI events this season. If we
  are successful in achieving the dispensation from the FEI it will only apply
  to riders who have met all other qualifications requirements and can show
  they are of the required standard.


  It is with regret that Eventing Waitemata announces the cancellation of
  their 27/28th March Trial due to the continuation of earthworks at our
  Redvale Venue. We would like to thank all riders and officials who supported
  our February Trial at the NEC Taupo.  We look forward to seeing you all next
  season with our newly designed track and water complex.

  However Woodhill Sands has announced that it will run a Trial on Waitemata's
  date 27/28 March. Schedule here
  Riders please note that Woodhill WILL need HELP to run this event - see
  schedule on how you can help and and save yourself some $$$$.

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