02 February 2011

How Do You Cope With Winter?

Reading The Horse Article about managing winter in and around the barn made me wonder how other people cope.  I do the usual like keeping the water clean and heated, giving them all the groceries they can handle (hay), knocking down those huge icicles before they impale a horse, and making sure the stalls are kept picked and dry. Probably the biggest problem I've encountered that I have yet to defeat is how to keep those huge snow and ice balls from forming around shod feet.  That's my biggest beef.  I've tried crisco, Pam -- you name it. I even thought about using silicone spray but I'm afraid of a having a Clark Grizwald sledding incident on four shod feet. So I'm still working on the ice ball issue...

How do you manage your barn and horses in the winter? What are your best winter coping tricks of the trade? Leave a comment below and tell the rest of us how to survive this season of mud, snow  and ice.

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