02 February 2011

NEDD (revised) -- Nan's ED News Digest - AKA Stuff I find Interesting

Today on Nan's Eventing Day News Digest (aka NEDD):

The Horse has some great info on winter barn-keeping and how to better cope with all the snow, ice,  and cold during this seemingly endless winter.  All this rough winter weather makes me worry about what extremes summer could go to in a couple of months.

The Horse also has a great AAEP article about diagnosing and treating back pain in the Sport Horse -- probably information we all need from time to time, unfortunately.

KER just published a new newsletter in which an article appears about Wintertime Nutrition

And, finally, links-wise, something that I find fascinating as I struggle with my New Year's fitness resolutions... How do other horsey types stay in shape?  The folks at The Horse recently conducted a survey (I did not participate in this one, did you?) about this subject and the results are now on their website. And along that same vein, Will Faudree has written an article about his fitness issues and the short format on the USEA blog.

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