14 February 2011

The Latest From Jack & Jill in Ohio

This week, Jill, of the Ohio 52, is back at the computer.  And, Jack adds his two cents worth towards the end. Their new life at Jackie Smith's Stone Gate Farm is full of adventures -- meeting new peeps, checking out the lay out of the land, and going over the wall - for a time...

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snuck out After Curfew, Got Back Before Dawn, Still Got Busted

Well yesterday was such a quiet day we thought as a couple of youngsters left alone at night that we would sneak out and have a little fun.  The dogs almost gave us away, but we managed to quiet them down.  We wandered around for awhile and then decided we better go back in before we got in trouble.  We were back in the pasture innocently munching at the round bale when Jackie came to check on us.  She noticed that the fence was down but the way it was lying there it looked like someone broke in not broke out.  So since we were in and apparently fine she didn't give it much more thought until she cam back from taking Pip out for a hack ( I think that's a ride through the woods).  She came back in and told us we were busted and just to make sure we don't get out again she reinforced the ribbon gate with round pen panels and muttered something about plugging the electric in.  Not sure I like the sounds of that.  I'm still not sure how she knew were were out last nigh, something about hoof prints where they didn't belong and three separate piles of poop.

Jack, Jethro & Jill hanging out right after meeting

Even though we got busted we didn't get into trouble, in fact by the time she found out we had already done our grooming, picking up our feet, leading up and down the aisle and going in the wash rack for the first time.  Kyle even put a saddle on me again today.  All of this was after Jethro go put out with us and actually compared to come of the other 'meet & greets' this one went the smoothest.  I think it's because he KNOWS that he is the boss of the herd and he has already told us hat on more than one occasion in the barn.  Even when we all trotted off and & swung my butt and kicked our and accidentally connected with Jethro, he didn't get mad at me.

We were out for a few hours quietly eating but the quiet was disturbed when Kevin and Laura came out to ride and Jethro snuck back into the barn and they put him in a stall.  Jethro started screaming for me and I must admit that I did call back to him.  Then Dave started up a tractor right near us and we got all excited and we were anxiously watching the tractor when Jackie wanted to bring us in.  It was a nice day and we were busy watching the tractor and I didn't want to come in.  I told her I didn't want to come in and when she wouldn't listen I pulled back hard enough and started running down the hill and got the lead rope away from her.  I heard he muttering some not so nice things and I decided I better go with her with no more fuss.  So I got the talk again today about breaking the rules. I was on extra good behavior the rest of the day.

Kevin and Laura got back from their ride and Laura spent a lot of time grooming Kat.  It's been a long time since they have seen each other and they both seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Then I heard her and Kyle talking about splitting up the hers because Jethro becomes too possessive of the mares.  Here I thought it was me he liked, but I guess he's that way with all the girls.  Anyway since there are 8 horses, 3 mares and 5 geldings they were talking about putting Pip with the girls because he really doesn't have any friends with the boys and that Jack would go out with the guys.  I'm not sure if I like that idea and I know Jack won't like it.  He kind of depends on me and I know he really likes Margee and Kat.  I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Hope we have more sunny warm days like today!


Jethro, Jill & Jack relaxed at the round bale

Well Jill just about covered it all except I heard what Jackie was muttering under her breath.  She called Jill a 'tank' today!  Lucky for her she does a pretty good job getting back in Jackie's good graces.

I think it's pretty 'sweet' that I will get to go out with all three of the girls without any of the guys to chase me away ;))  What did I do to get so lucky?


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