13 February 2011

Sunday Lay-Up and the Big Picture

It's another Sunday Morning Lay-Up. The sun, that bright yellow globe-like object that usually hangs in the sky and makes us squint happily as it supposedly delivers warmth to Mother Earth,  managed to burn off the gloom and return to view on Saturday in these middle parts of the USA.  Sun glasses emerged throughout the middle west.  Everywhere we went, there was a beehive of activity as Middle America emerged from it's collective den, seeking radiant heat and blinding light.  It was so beautiful a day that even the viewing of the lamented Secretariat - The Movie at the dollar cinema could not dampen our mood. Knock on wood for a sunny Sunday - as has been foretold by weather.com.  It's too early to tell as it's still dark outside. However, we are always hopeful... But, a word of warning...  save your dollars if you're planning to catch the last days of the run of Secretariat - The  Movie. Go sit on a nearby rock and bask in sunny warmth instead. Let Secretariat - The Movie trot on it's merry way towards cinematic oblivion.

Sunday also brings odd news and whatever to Eventing Day.  We have some exciting news, and some things off the web that are interesting, tragic, and informative in the offing:

First, The BIG PICTURE: Karen O'Connor and Mandiba at Rolex 2010.

This week we welcome Jane Atkinson Equine to our growing list of Eventing Day friends.  For anything equine, see Janie!

Trontontv's blog has posted an article about how the left or right-handedness of your farrier effects the balance of your horse's feet. This is pretty significant.  A group of British Veterinarians did the research.

A more bizarre and sad story -- one that likely involves the equine foot -- is the news that two racehorses are suspected of having been electrocuted in the saddling enclosure at Newbury Racecourse in England, and two others were injured.  It is a pretty short leap to imagine that lightweight aluminum racing plates are superior conductors of errant electricity emanating from what is suspected to be a faulty electrical cable... And, if you're up to it, Fran Jurga offers further equine shocking accounts in her latest blog post.

And another sad story: A North Hollywood man and his horse were killed when they collided with a train outside LA. This is so sad and really scary.  Horses and railroad tracks are not a good mix...

Mark Todd and the towering Eric Duvander watch as Jock Padget (NZL) and Clifton Promise perform their dressage test, WEG 2010. ©Nan Rawlins/Equimage

This week on Eventing Radio, Chris Stafford and Guest Host Boyd Martin interview  Eric Duvander, New Zealand's High Performance Director and Coach.  Also on the broadcast is  FEI Eventing Chairman Giuseppi Della Chiesa, who discusses FEI Risk Management Plans.

And another information packed interview is this week's Stable Scoop Episode 130, with Jennifer and Helena, which offers an informative chat with Dr. Bryan Parrott discussing ulcers in equines, as well as Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy (PSSM). If you own an OTTB, this ulcer information is definitely for you.

The Bureau of Land Management is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the killing of six wild mustangs in Washoe County Navada in December

If you're planning on shipping to the UK in the next couple of years (like London in 2012) there's a new "more horse friendly" airport that welcomes your business -- Manston Airport in Kent.  Manston's close proximity to Greenwich's Olympic Equestrian venues should make it a popular destination for professional horse-shippers from around the globe.

It's the last day to vote in the Eventing Day Chef d' Equipe Survey. If you haven't already voted, please take a moment to do so.  Results will be reported on Valentine's Day.  So vote for your favorite today.

And finally, the excitement! We have some exciting feature, giveaway,  and sponsorship news coming to Eventing Day this week so stay tuned!

That's it for news, information,  and curiosities for now  but check back later.  There may be more...  Have a great (and hopefully) sunny day!

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