20 March 2011

From HorseTalk.Co.Nz... Eventers Are Not Risk Takers

This Australian study, as reported by HorseTalk.Co.nz,  surprised us a bit...
It's a risky sport and not for the faint-hearted. But an Australian study of eventing riders has found that some of those taking part in horse trials are "extremely nervous or fearful during competitions".
The 2010 study was led by Dr Kirrilly Thompson with the assistance of honours candidate Chanel Nesci, together with Dr Sophia Rainbird and Dr Matthew Thomas from the University of South Australia. It followed 22 riders from the ages of 14 to 54, from Pony Club grade 5 to international competition standard. 

Not surprisingly, all of the participants thought that the sport was risky and that the cross-country phase posed the most risk, but many of the riders said they did not take risks and did not consider themselves risk takers.   Read more>>

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