22 March 2011

Great Mark Todd Article on Chronicle...

Mark Todd WEG 2010. (©2010 by Nan Rawlins/Equimage)

Take a moment to read this great Chronicle of the Horse article about Mark Todd.  It's definitely worth the read! ~ ed

Mark Todd Has Nothing Left To Prove...

... But that’s not going to stop him from taking aim on his seventh Olympic Games.
The silver Mercedes pulling into a quiet residential road in the south of England’s commuter belt could signal the return of any businessman from a day at the office. But one thing distinguishes this driver from his neighbors. It’s Mark Todd, sporting icon, who now aims to rewrite his own legend by representing New Zealand at a seventh Olympic Games. Read more>>
Watching Dressage Warm-Ups (©2010 by Nan Rawlins/Equimage)

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