08 March 2011

Wheel Barrow Job Alert - Marketing Intern at KER

Kentucky Equine Research Global Marketing Internship

Kentucky Equine Research (KER) is one of the foremost private equine nutrition and exercise physiology research facilities in the world. The main business of KER is as a consultant to feed manufacturers on six continents. Secondarily KER has two lines of equine supplements, including the KERx line, which has been heavily researched.

KER is seeking an intern to work no less than 16 hours a week with the Global Marketing Department located on the KER research farm in Versailles, Ky. This could be a full-time paid internship for the right candidate.

Any intern applicant should be:
1)    Interested in learning and working in digital media with editorial content and product sales.
2)    Detail-oriented and able to efficiently follow a set process consisting of multiple steps, as well as identify and communicate inefficiencies and inaccuracies.
3)    Have a good grasp of the English language, grammar, and punctuation, and respect for and attention to internal style guidelines. Knowledge of AP style a plus.
4)    Have an interest in, and experience with, online communications, including newsletters and social media.
5)    Be self-sufficient and manage time well; this includes being punctual and meeting all deadlines with minimal oversight.
6)    Be able to work independently, but also work as part of a team.

The job duties of this internship shall include, but not be limited to:
·         Working on multiple electronic newsletters each week.
o   For this task, basic HTML knowledge is required.
o   This also requires written communication with all areas of the company.
o   Strict attention to multiple weekly deadlines is required.
·         Working on PC-based software programs (including learning multiple website content management systems)
·         Working with images (knowledge of PhotoShop and metadata a plus).
·         Written and verbal communications with people from various backgrounds and cultures.
·         Proofreading and making changes to live electronic documents.
·         Working in website content management systems to input content.
·         Some writing opportunities will exist.

Compensation based on skill set of applicant.

For more information or to apply, please contact or send a resume and cover letter to Kimberly S. Brown, Global Marketing Manager, Kentucky Equine Research, kbrown@ker.com.

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