26 April 2011

Rolex Course Walk Compendium -- It's all here folks!

We've been gathering and receiving information about all the (we believe) FREE course walks offered by various sponsors, to be led by big name folks who know what they are doing.  Here's an opportunity to learn from the best -- several times, if you wish.

Below is our current list of Rolex Kentucky Course Walks.  They are in chronological order from Thursday on... AND THESE TIMES MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE SO CHECK BEFORE HEADING WAY OUT TO THE START BOX.

Please, if you know of other course walks, let us know and will add it to the herd.  We will be updating the list as new information comes in. Check back or watch for @eventingday tweets.  

Now, go get your walking shoes on and learn something!

Rolex Kentucky Course Walks

Boyd Martin & Allison Springer --  Thursday 2-3 at Start Box:  http://www.eventingday.com/2011/04/rolex-boyd-martin-and-allison-springer.html

Peter Atkins --  Friday Noon at Head of the Lakehttp://www.eventingday.com/2011/04/another-rolex-couse-walk-with-peter.html

Jimmy Wofford -- 
Friday 30 min after Final Dressage at Fence #5http://www.eventingday.com/2011/04/rolex-jim-wofford-to-give-rolex-cross.html

Eric Dierks --  Friday After Final Dressage at Start Boxhttp://www.eventingday.com/2011/04/rolex-draper-equine-therapy-sponsors.html

Rebecca Howard, Allison Springer, Diana Burnett, and Sinead Halpin -- Friday 3:30 Start Box Look for HAYGAIN Banner and HAYGAIN rep.

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